MFO mission in the Sinai

Based on a request by Egypt and international organisations, the MFO - Multinational Force & Observers - which supervises the 1979 Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel, three military officers of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic have been serving in the Sinai since November 2009.
The Czech Republic expanded its participation in the mission by the ACR Air Force Unit on 4 November 2013 which rotates every six months.

MFO Flag

Commander of the Czech Task Force in the Sinai:

Lieutenant Colonel Zdenek Dvorsky

MFO - Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai

The Czech Republic joined the MFO - Multinational Force & Observers - in the Sinai by the CZECHCON (Czech Contingent) formed by three military observers on 17 November 2009.

The Czech staff officers serve at the following positions: Assistant Chief of Staff (Lieutenant Colonel), Deputy Force Protection Information Officer (Major) and Force Engineering Staff Officer (Captain) at the El Gorah base (MFO North Camp) in the north of the Sinai, some 20 kilometres from the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

10th ACR Air Force Unit:

Size: 18 personnel
Equipment: CASA C-295M transport aircraft
Rotation: six months

Task: Flights over Egyptian-Israeli border with multinational military observers aboard to monitor situation, and fulfill transport tasks of personnel and material in favour of the MFO.

The MFO's mission is to provide force and observers to supervise the implementation of the 1979 Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel. The MFO in the Sinai comprises some 1660 military personnel from 12 countries, more than 170 civilians and almost 500 contractors.

Major Kana (commander of the first Czech unit of the 1st ACR Contingent) hoists the Czech flag at the MFO ceremony





October 6, 2018