Light pilotless air reconnaissance means.

The tactical pilotless means is produced by the Californian AeroVironment Company. The machines has flown more than 150 thousand hours in Afghanistan and Iraq serving US military since 2001. The means has a kevlar shell with autonomus or manual operation control. Sensitive optical devices relay day and night real-time picture.

The means is driven by a scilent motor, navigation is supported by GPS and a laser marker enables attack aircraft to get to their targets. If radio contact fails, the means automatically returns to the place of its take-off, or to the last position of a strong signal, or to a pre-determined area. The way of start of the Raven device is its major advantage since it is done by hand.

Tactical technical data:

Wingspan: 1.3 m

Length: 0.9 m

Weight: 1.9 kg

Control: by a joystick

Operational height: 10 - 200 m

Tactical range: 10 km

Endurance: 80 minutes of flight

Speed: 45 to 95 KPH

Operated by: 2 personnel

Picture Attachment:


Pictures courtesy of: www.avinc.com - AeroVironment, Inc.

RAVEN ready for assembly Evaluation and navigation devices Assembling the means RAVEN assembled

Pictures: First Sergeant Veronika Zdobinová, Prostějov, Czech Republic