Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan

The third participation of members of the 601st Special Forces Group, Prostějov, Czech Republic in Operation Enduring Freedom on the territory of Afghanistan.

Enduring Freedom Operation - 2008-2009

601st SFG

Members of Prostějov´s 601st Special Forces Group served in the operation 18 months during 2008 and 2009 with three rotations. Their deployment were passed by the resolution of the Czech House of Deputies No. 776 as of 30 April 2008 and the resolution of the Czech Senate No. 383 as of 24 April 2008.


The task of the contingent comprised special reconnaissance, life combat actions and other special operations predominantly at the south and southeast of Afghanistan aimed at eliminating insurgents´ activities and by that to contribute to internal security of the country.


The contingent was part of a multinational task force of special forces under the special forces command for Operation Enduring Freedom.


Nasazení kontingentu do operace bylo v pořadí třetím bojovým nasazením v novodobé historii AČR a zároveň třetí bojovou operací vojáků 601. skupiny speciálních sil.


The Operation Enduring Freedom, which is coordinated with NATO ISAF Operation in Afghanistan, is direct reaction to terrorist attacks that happened in the United States on 11 September 2001.

Photo Gallery 2008 - 2009 - web pages of 601st SFG (www.601skss.cz)

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