Demining System BOZENA 5

The demining system BOZENA 5 is a remote-control machine designed for terrain demining from anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.

It is equipped with a rotating flail-chain demining device. The system includes the primary machine body, flain device, operator´s cab and transport platform trailer. Beside demining, the machine can be used for clearence from bushes and low vegetation, and after change of working device also for transport and handling of dangerous material, or a remote-control digging/level machine.

Basic tactical-technical data

Total weight: 12,020 kg
Maximum height in working position: 2,225 mm
Maximum width in working position: 3,350 mm
Maximum length in working position: 7,320 mm
Fording Depth: up to 800 mm
Working speed: 4-9 km/h
Width of demined strip: 2,655 mm
Engine output: 170 kW

VIDEO from military tests of the system:

Picture Attachment

Bozena 5 - 1 Bozena 5 - 2 Bozena 5 - 3

Bozena 5 - 4 Bozena 5 - 5 Bozena 5 - 6


Transport of the system In working position

Shelter for operator

Detail of flail chains During fording

In demanding terrain System can go through bushes/trees Demining in sandy terrain - 1

 Demining in sandy terrain - 2 Outcome of the work Harmless scrap of an anti-personnel mine PpMi-Šr II after clearance  

Effects of explosion of mine Pp Mi on a shield of flail-chain unit Activities of the system at demanding steep land *Deep Dig in mine field* in sandy terrain

 Detail of damaged flail-chain unit after explosion of an anti-tank mine Detail of cleared terrain by Bozena 5 after explosion of an anti-tank mine

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Front part of Bozena 5 Rear part of Bozena 5 Bozena 5 overcomes heavy terrain Fording