The major and the most important goal of the exercise is coordination of activities of all national units of the NATO Multi-National Military Police Battalion (NATO MNMPBAT) in performing their tasks.


The service members of all participating parties form individual sections of the Battalion Staff. The fluent and well working decision-making process of the Staff is the basic prerequisite for fulfilment of asks that are ahead of individual platoons.

Tasks of police protection of military units within the exercise fully reflect requirements for supposed operational capabilities of the Battalion. Military policemen from the Multi-National Battalion will be engaged, among others, to ensure public order during civilian disturbances, setting-up check points, in road checks, investigation of crimes, and engagement in patrols within area of deployment or in protection of convoys.

The exercise scenario also includes supervision of „local“ police stations and providing support for local police. This support should be not only of material nature but also in increasing professional capabilities and readiness of their members.

Female members of Croatian and Czech Military Police Meeting of units´commanders Handover of weapons stock

Croatian military policemen Members of Czech Military Police Members of Polish Military Gendarmerie

It is also necessary to mention that the exercise also includes training in using air support in activities of MNMPBAT, which will be the new feature for the unit. Policemen will have, for the first time in history, the chance to request support of combat aircraft L-39 Albatros or helicopters Mi-24 Hind. To ensure this, a Forward Air Controller from Náměšť nad Oslavou Air Base will cooperate with the unit. But the offer to use air support is not limited to combat one. During training related to evacuation of the wounded, after engaging of units, the policemen trainees will have a chance to request a helicopter for medical evacuation, the so called MEDEVAC.

The first briefing with video-conference, thanks to which the Directorate of the Exercise in the Dědice Barracks will have direct video and audio contact with the Battalion Headquarters stationed in a camp deep in the Military Training Area Březina, will take place on Tuesday 15 September 2009 at 5 p.m.

Pictures: Daniel Papoušek

Author: Captain Jan Čermák, spokesman for the Military Police

Posted: September 15, 2009