Exercises in 2009


NATO Multi-National Military Police Battalion in LIVEX in the Czech Republic.

Goal: train NATO military policemen of four countries in interoperability for ensuring police protection on stabilisation operations. The lead nation is Poland.

Place: Military Training Area at Březina, CR.
Time: 14 – 23 September 2009.
Participation: Croatia, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.
Director in the Czech Republic: Colonel Martin Bečka, Chief of Staff, Czech Military Police HQ.


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BOLESLAVSKÁ HRADBA 2009 – CPX of Support Forces

Domestic crisis management exercise.

EX of Czech military veterinary service, bodies of the State Veterinary Administration and units of the Integrated Rescue System of the Czech Republic.

Goal: Demonstrate readiness of Czech institutions in management of non-military threats: elimination of dangerous disease, fire extinguishing, medical evacuation, protection of objects important for state.

Place: Boletice Military Training Areas at Boletice and Libavá, domestic garrisons of units.
Time: 7 – 9 September 2009.
Participation: Support Forces units and installations including nine Regional Military Commands, Active Reserve, units and installations of the Joint Forces, Military Police, units of Czech IRS of South Bohemia, State Veterinary Administration.
Director: Brigadier General Jaroslav Kocián, Support Forces Commander.


Activation exercise of the Czech-Slovak Battle Group of EU.

Place: Joint Forces HQ at Olomouc, 4 Rapid Deployment Brigade HQ at Žatec (Force HQ-FHQ), domestic garrisons of units in the Czech Republic, and the Operations HQ (OHQ) in Postupim, Germany.
Time: 19 – 25 June 2009.
Participation: units of 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade, staff of the Czech-Slovak EU Battle Group, transportation service of ACR, FHQ and OHQ staffs.

Director: Major General Jiří Halaška, Joint Operations Centre, General Staff of ACR.


7th air and land exercise of earmarked units of Czech Joint Forces and U.K. forces, this year also with soldiers of Canada, Denmark, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Slovakia.

Place: 22 Air Base at Náměšť nad Oslavou, Military Training Areas at Brdy and Libavá, areas of Vysočina and Pardubice regions.
Time: 27 April - 15 May 2009.
Participation: air and ground forces of the Czech Republic and other six NATO nations.
Number of participants: more than 1,500 personnel from the Czech Republic and more than 2,000 from abroad.
Director: Brigadier Robert Weighill, 1 Armoured Division Commander, U.K., and for Czech Joint Forces units Colonel Jiří Verner, Deputy Commander of Joint Forces - Air Force Commander, CR.


Command Post Exercise with partly deployed forces. GOAL: demonstrate readiness for deployment from July to December 2009 to be decided by the EU Military Committee.

Place: Military Training Areas at Hradiště and Boletice, garrisons at Olomouc, Bechyně and Pardubice in the Czech Republic, and the Military Training Area Lešť in the Slovak Republic.
Time: 23 March – 3 April 2009.
Participation: units of ACR and Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.
Number of participants in the CR: more than 1,600 personnel including 50 Slovak soldiers.
Number of participants in the SR: more than 270 Slovak soldiers.
Director: Major General Hynek Blaško, Joint Forces Commander.