Downsizing! Missions intact

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

The Czech Ministry of Defence decided to downsize both military and civilian personnel to help the Czech government in battling adverse financial development.

The Ministry of Defence has decided to reassess its need for both military and civilian personnel due to budget limitations in 2010 and 2011.

There are plans to reduce worksheet engagements by the end of 2009 for 4,500 positions. Some 2,800 positions are filled at present and the rest forms numbers of unfilled worksheet at the defence department.

From the left: Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs Tomáš Perutka, Minister Martin Barták, Commander of Joint Forces General Hynek Blaško From the left: Tomáš Perutka, Chief of the General Staff General Vlastimil Picek, General Hynek Blaško, Commander of Air Force General Jiří Verner

Despite reduction in personnel size the Czech Republic will meet all obligations agreed within Alliance, EU, and the military will keep all their functions in defence of the country and protection of people.

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In connection with downsizing the recruitment of fresh personnel has been postponed till 2010.