Soldiers against floods aftermath

Almost 700 soldiers from engineer units with dozens of equipment help citizens and communities to cope with disaster caused by floods in this country.

Soldiers with their equipment were sent to sites, where water caused the heaviest losses, just hours after dangerous situations occurred.

The Czech government decided on 25 June 2009 to earmark up to a thousand soldiers for immediate help to people and further assistance for villages and towns in removing obstacles from and cleaning water courses. The decision is valid till the end of July.

Since rescue operations have been well managed by untis of the Integrated Rescue System of this country, soldiers help focused on terrain formations and construction of emergency and temporary bridges.

There are four regions in the Czech Republic (in and around Nový Jicin and Jesenik in the north of Moravia, Decin in the north of Bohemia, and in and surrounding villages of Prachatice in the south of Bohemia) where soldiers have worked and constructed nine bridges. Sites for three others are being prepared at this time, and there is an assessment that region officials will ask for construction of other nine bridges. The temporary bridges are provided by the Administration of State Material Reserves.

Torrential rains in the Czech Republic brought floods in June and heavy rainfall in local storms caused flash flooding in the first half of July 2009. At least fourteen people lost their lives. Since material damages cannot not be settled by local governments, the Czech government allocated funds from the state budget for direct help to citizens, villages and towns mostly in a form of non-repayable subsidy.

The Czech government prolonged on 20 July 2009 the assistance of personnel of the Czech military in floods relief for the whole August 2009 in size not exceeding 300 soldiers.

Compiled by Oldrich Holecek