Life Fires of Hungarian Air Defence Personnel in the Czech Republic

Hungarian SHORAD 2009 exercise with life fires from SA-16 GIMLET (9K310 - IGLA) were conducted at the Hradiste Military Training Area in the Czech Republic during 13 and 17 July 2009.

The SHORAD 2009 exercise of Hungarian military was being prepared at the Hradiste Military Training Area (MTA) from the first half of this year.

The exercise was started at the Hungarian City of Györ on Saturday 13 July 2009 by transportation of personnel, materiel and equipment on own wheels to the Hradiste MTA in the western part of the Czech Republic.

The „D DAY“ for the Hungarian personnel became Wednesday 15 July 2009, when 80 soldiers of Hungarian 12th Air Defence Regiment „Arrabona“ successfully completed life fires from SA-16 GIMLET (9K310 - IGLA) short range air defence system.

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The exercise was observed by Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Hungaria general Lsszlo Tombola, who appreciated excellent professional level of Hungarian air defence personnel because of high percentage of successful hits of air targets. He also expressed his thanks to Czech soldiers, who prepared the ground and support facilities.

In total 43 missiles were launched from the SA-16 GIMLET system at the Brezina air defence firing range. The system is highly effective weapon. It belongs to top military equipment and it is in possession of several dozens of countries.

The SHORAD 2009 exercise was held at Hradiste, which is the largest Czech military training area covering 33 thousand hectars. There are four other MTAs in the Czech Republic, which are used not only by the Czech military but also by foreign armed forces for their national exercises.

Author: Stanislav Stebila, Hradiste Military Training Area