1st ACR Contingent of Air Policing 2009 in Lithuania

The NATO operation in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia was aimed at protection of air space of these three NATO countries.

The governmental draft for deployment of Czech military personnel and equipment was passed by both chambers of the Czech Parliament on 28 January 2009 and 4 February 2009 respectively. This mandate enabled deployment of four SAAB 39 Gripen supersonic aircraft and 75 personnel in Lithuanian Šiauliai Air Base.

Contingent´s Area of Responsibility

The area was set by Supreme Allied Commander Europe of Allied Command Operations, and it is formed by air space over the territory and territorial waters of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Besides the Lithuanian Šiauliai Air Base, Czech soldiers serve also at the Command and Control Centre in Lithuanian Karmelava.

The Czech Contingent took over its task from the Royal Danish Air Force Contingent on 1 May 2009, and on 31 August 2009 the task handed over to a German Air Force (Luftwaffe) Contingent.

Major Task of the Contingent

The major task of the Contingent was to provide protection of air space of the Baltic states by four SAAB 39 Gripen supersonic aircraft within the framework of the NATO Integrated Air Defence System from May till the end of August 2009 from the Lithuanian Šiauliai Air Base.

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Commander of the 1st ACR Contingent of Air Policing 2009 was commander of the 211th Tactical Air Flight of Czech Air Force Major Jaroslav Míka.

Composition of the Contingent

The Contingent was formed by 75 soldiers from five military units - 21st Tactical Air Force Base at Čáslav, 26th Command, Control and Reconnaissance Brigade at Stará Boleslav, Joint Forces Command at Olomouc, Military Police Command at Stará Boleslav, and from MoD Operations Division in Prague. The core of the Contingent was composed of flying and ground personnel of 211th Tactical Air Flight from Čáslav.

The rotation of personnel was held between 28 June and 1 July 2009. The last rotation included eight women.

Voices on Czech participation in NATO Air Policing mission in the Baltic states:




Author of both videos: Jan Kouba, Presentation and Information Centre of MoD


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Previous participation of Čáslav flying and ground personnel:

The Air Policing Operation was the first foreign mission of the Czech tactical air force in its history. Personnel of the 211th Tactical Air Flight have, nevertheless, experience from making marks from their service both at home and abroad. The Flight regularly participates in important air exercises. At present, the 211th Tactical Air Flight is a member of NATO Tiger Flights Association with the status of an expectant on the waiting list.

From the first day of Czech Republic´s accession to NATO, that is 12 March 1999, Čáslav airmen have provided protection of air space of the Czech Republic within the framework of NATINADS - NATO Integrated Air Defence System. The task is being fulfilled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Logo of the 21st Tactical Air Force Base at Čáslav

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Updated: September 16, 2009