ISAF - Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar

Czech PRT Logar comprises military and civilian part.

Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan

NATO Operation in Afghanistan

The Czech Republic operates its own Provincial Reconstruction Team in Logar

The Czech authorities responded to calls of allies for reinforcement of allied military presence in Afghanistan in support of success of ISAF operation in suppressing Taliban activities and in support of the Afghan Government.

The first part of the 3nd ACR Contingent PRT Logar arrived at the Shank Base in Logar on the 6th February 2009, and its commander assumed operational task as of the 23rd February 2009. Soldiers are deployed for six months.

The Contingent comprises both military and civilian parts. The core of the military part is formed by soldiers of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade based at Žatec, Czech Republic, complemented by other soldiers of necessary specialties.

Czech PRT Logar Badge, languages Pashto on the right, and Dari on the left

Commander of the 3rd ACR Contingent PRT Logar:

LTC Petr Procházka

Lieutenant Colonel Petr Procházka

Size of the military part:

  • 280 personnel



Transport provided by US Air Force - 1 Children greet soldiers Transport provided by US Air Force - 2

Hydro power plant turbine repaired Soldiers of Afghan National Army Deep valley ahead


Leader of the civilian part:

Bohumila Ranglová

Size of the civilian part:

  • 14 civilians

Personnel of Czech PRT Logar is located at the US Forward Operating Base Shank (FOB Shank).




August 11, 2009