Informal Meeting of the EU Military Committee

On 1 and 2 April the Czech Republic hosted an away meeting of the EU Military Committee, led by French General Henri Bentégeat, the Committee Chairman.

The members of the delegation met with representatives of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (AČR) headed by their Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek. On Wednesday 1 April, the EU Military Committee attended the COLLECTIVE SHIELD 2009 (CS 09) exercise of the Czech and Slovak EU Battle Group, which took place in the Hradiště Military Training Area.

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The excercise´s main goal is to prove the AČR´s ability to fulfill declared politico-military ambitions, examine the joined Czech and Slovak BG´s capability to plan and carry out an expeditionary mission and check a coordination of individual elements including command and control systems at all levels.

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Author: Vladimír Lukovský, Press Information Service of the MoD