9th ACR EUTM unit in Mali

The Czech Republic has joined the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) in Mali in a bid to support Armed Forces of the Republic of Mali in their effort to suppress insurgents' activities, and deliver additional military equipment. The deployment was passed by both chambers of the Czech Parliament.

9th ACR Task Force EUTM in Mali

While the task of the 1st Czech unit was to guard the EUTM Headquarters in the capital of Bamako in cooperation with Malian and French soldiers, from the 2nd unit the Czechs also train Malian soldiers as instructors.

Commander of the 9th Czech Task Force EUTM assumed the operational task on 13th March 2017 to serve in Mali to September 2017.

Czech soldiers closely cooperated with French, German and Mailan soldiers. Four Czech instructors trained Malian soldiers at the Koulikoro Base (some 50 km of Bamako).

The Czech participation in the mission has originally been planned for 15 months but it has been prolonged to 2018. The current size of the unit is 38 soldiers but it can be increased up to 50 personnel. Even though the guard mission remains the primary one, soldiers escort military personnel travelling out of the Bamako HQ Base, and accompany convoys of EUTM as well.

Captain Bedrich Hyza


  • Captain Bedrich Hyza

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Last update: September 6, 2017