Czech Presidency hosts the EU Deployability Conference

On 4 - 5 March 2009 the International EU Deployability Conference took place in the renovated House of the Army in Prague.

The meeting, which was organised by the EU Military Staff in close cooperation with the Support Policy Division and the Directorate of Foreign Activities of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, is one of the most significant events of the Czech Presidency in the area of defence.

The EU Deployability Conference was attended by more than 60 delegates who represented individual EU Member States, EU Military Staff, the European Defence Agency, movement coordination centres, the operational EU headquarters and the NATO headquarters. The Czech Republic was represented by delegates from specialised divisions of the Ministry of Defence and enterprises in state ownership, which were established by the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic (VOP 026 Štenberk, s.p. and LOM Praha, s.p.).

The two-day meeting was chaired by Director of LOG EUMS, Brigadier General Michael Finn who thanked the representatives of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic for excellent organisation. Director of the Support Policy Division of the Ministry of Defence Brigadier General Libor Krejcar welcomed the participants to the conference on behalf of the Czech Presidency: ‘I am convinced that this working meeting will significantly contribute toward mutual understanding of all important aspects of deployability in the context of EU military missions.’

The conference discussion was targeted at current tasks in the area of deployability and strategic movement which are solved by EU bodies during planning and implementation of military missions. In this context, a lot of attention was paid to the practical experiences from the current EUFOR CHAD/RCA mission in Chad and the Central African Republic.

In the ensuing part of the conference the participants were informed of the activities of the individual movement coordination centres (MCCE – Movement Coordination Centre Europe in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and AMSCC – Athens Multinational Sealift Coordination Centre in Athens) that take part in the coordination of movements on behalf of both EU and NATO military missions. The information on the current situation of transnational projects in the area of strategic airlift movement Airbus A400M and SALIS (Strategic Airlift Interim Solution).

The defence representatives also made a significant contribution to the programme of the international conference. Delegates of the Army of the Czech Republic (AČR) informed about experience gained from preparing and building the Czech and Slovak EU battlegroup in terms of providing strategic and tactical transport. Within the EU readiness system, the Czech and Slovak battlegroup will be ready for deployment in the second half of 2009. Representatives of military maintenance and servicing works (VOP 026 Šternberk, s.p. and LOM Praha, s.p.) presented their production and servicing programmes related to ensuring the participation of forces and means of the Army of the Czech Republic in foreign military operations.

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Author: Vladimír Lukovský, Press Information Service of the MoD