EU Military Committee Chair in Prague

In a one-day visit, French General Henri Bentégeat, Chairman of the EU Military Committee, discussed priorities of the Czech EU Presidency with defence representatives in Prague on 22 January 2009.

General Bentégeat discussed military issues with Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic Lieutenant General Vlastimil Picek, who has invited him to this country the first month of the Czech EU Presidency.

“We have focused on exchange of information on priorities, which related with the Czech Presidency. We have discussed first of all military operations, development of military capabilities and cooperation with strategic partners, of course, especially with partners in NATO. We have also spoken about some our activities, which will take place during our Presidency,” General Picek said.

Talks at the General Staff - 1 Talks at the General Staff - 2 Press Conference at the General Staff From reception at the General Staff

The Chairman was also received by Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanová, who confirmed the Czech Republic is ready to meet its commitment to earmark the EU Battle Group, which is being formed with Slovakia, for EU readiness system in the second half of 2009.

Minister Parkanová and General Bentégeat - 1 Minister Parkanová and General Bentégeat - 2 Minister Parkanová and General Bentégeat - 3 Minister Parkanová and General Bentégeat - 4

General Bentégeat and Minister Parkanová - 1 Czech delegation introduced to General Bentégeat Delegation of EU MC Chairman

Posted: January 23, 2009