Air Advisory Team, Iraq - 1st Task Force

1st Task Force of the Air Advisory Team served in Iraq from 1st August till 4th December 2016.

Air Advisory Team, Iraq


Based on a request by the Iraqi Government, the Czech Government approved the deployment of the Air Advisory Team to Iraq at its sesstion in March 2016.

The Iraqi deployment was confirmed by both chambers of the Czech Parliament in April and May 2016.

Personnel: up to 35 soldiers.

Duration: till 31st December 2018.

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  • Balad Air Force Base, Iraq

Size of the unit: 31 soldiers (pilots, instructors and ground technicians).

Participation: the core of the unit is formed by airmen from the 21st Air Force Base in Caslav. Soldiers of other six military units and facilities have complemented the unit.

The commander of the 1st Task Force of the Air Advisory Team assumed the operational task on the 1st August 2016.

The main task of the Team is advisory activities during operational training of Iraqi Air Force's air and ground personnel over flying and maintenance of L-159 ALCA aircraft, which were supplied by the Czech Republic.

December 5, 2016