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The summary of events the Czech Defence Ministry is responsible for during the Czech EU Presidency.

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From January to June 2009 a number of events at various levels are being held during the Czech EU Presidency both in the Czech Republic and Brussels. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for organisational issues and agenda of twenty of them. Here is a selection of the most important events, which take place in the Czech Republic:

Date Place


22 January 2009 Prague

Informal meeting of EU Military Committee Chair with Chief of the General Staff of the Army of the Czech Republic, with reception by the Defence Minister

This is a standard meeting at the beginning of the Presidency. The goal is to discuss national priorities, which result in projects implemented during the Presidency.

28 – 29 January 2009 Prague

Meeting of Defence Policy Directors from EU Countries

Informal meeting of defence policy directors is the first chance to discuss programme and priorities in agenda of the European Security and Defence Policy with the focus on the defence issues. The following topics will be discussed: EU military operations, development of military capabilities, relations of EU with partners with special focus on interrelations of EU and NATO.

3 February 2009 Prague

Seminar to Helicopter Initiative

Within the framework of the so called helicopter initiative a political military seminar „Helicopters Availability – Way ahead for Mi – Type Helicopters” is planned to be held. Development of helicopter transport capability is one of the key priorities not only at the natioal level but also at NATO/EU. The goal of the seminar is to identify and discuss approaches in reaching required capacities of "MI" type transport helicopters in NATO/EU missions.

The seminar held under the auspices of First Deputy Defence Minister Martin Barták will be attended by representatives of EU and NATO countries, delegates of international organisations and representatives of the Association of Defence Industry of the Czech Republic.

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4 – 5 March 2009 Prague

EU Deployability Conference

The conference is held by the EU Military Staff and will target logistic support to deployed EU forces. The major topic is the logistic support of EU Battlegroups.

12 –13 March 2009 Prague

Informal Meeting of EU Ministers of Defence

This meeting is the only event when all EU defence ministers meet in the country holding the Presidency to discuss current issues of individual agenda of the European Security and Defence Policy. The discussion will likely turn to current issues of EU military operations, development of EU military capabilities and relations of EU with partners. Out of this meeting, the talks will be held of the so called the Three at the level of defence ministers of present and future Presidency, the General Secretariat of the Council and European Commission with defence ministers of NATO countries, which are not EU members, and with candidate countries (Croatia, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway and Turkey). The goal of this meeting is to inform partners in detail about the course and results of the Informal meeting of EU Ministers of Defence.

16 – 20 March 2009 Prague

Away Meeting of the Working Group of the EU Military Committee to Capabilities (EUMCWG/HTF)

The EUMC Working Group is responsible for solving issues related to EU military capabilities. Besides normal agenda, the programme of the meeting includes presentation of the Czech military in the area of protection against weapons of mass destruction. Participants of the meeting will visit the 31st CBRN Brigade in Liberec.

1 – 2 April 2009 Karlovy Vary

Informal Meeting of the EU Military Committee - Away day EUMC

The meeting will be traditionally attended by EU military representatives. From the Czech point of view the goal of the meeting is to present the readiness of the Czech-Slovak EU Battlegroup. The major event of the meeting will be a visit to the certification exercise of this unit on 1 April 2009.

27 – 29 May 2009 Olomouc

Conference on the Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Supply Chain

The Czech Republic wants to contribute to introduction of the strategy of technology base of the European defence industry by opening discussion over the overall concept of industrial Centres of Excellence (CoE), over issues of their orientation, their technical background, partnership, and the role, these centres can play in forming competitive European market with defence equipment and strong technology base of European defence industry. The stress is laid on relation between industrial CoE and small and medium enterprises (SME).

SMEs Conference - List of Participants (document *.pdf, added 19 June 2009)

SMEs Conference - Ditz (document *.pdf, added 19 June 2009)

SMEs Conference - Ahlers (document *.pdf, added 19 June 2009)

SMEs Conference - First Findings (document *.pdf, added 19 June 2009)

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Centres of Excellence (document *.pdf, added 11 March 2009)

Security of Supply (document *.pdf, added 11 March 2009)

Information Brochure UPDATED (document *.pdf, added 9 March 2009)

27 - 29 May 2009 Prague

Away Informal Meeting of Special Committee ATHENA

The Special Committee ATHENA deals with funding of ESDP military operations and its away meeting will be focused on regular agenda. Participants of the meeting are going to visit the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade in Žatec.

4 – 6 June 2009 Olomouc

Military Airworthiness Harmonization Workshop

The airworthiness belongs to financially and technically most demanding projects managed in the European Defence Agency. The project aims at forming a harmonised European certification process in area of airworthiness and its standardisation. It is a long-term project, which will be developed in the first half of 2009 with the aim to prepare a contract case for placing a study by EDA for monitoring the work in other organisations (e.g. EUROCONTROL, OCCAR) in this area and use of already existed national initiatives.

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15 – 16 June 2009 Prague

Conference on European Education and Training in Armaments Co-operation – The Way Ahead

The conference is organized to increase support for European Defence Agency’s (EDA) work on education and training in armaments co-operation. More specifically, it will assist in the development of a set of recommendations to be presented at the EDA Steering Board at the level of Defence Ministers this autumn on how to make European education and training in armaments co-operation a working reality.

Conference Conclusions (document *.pdf, added 23 June 2009)

PowerPoint Presentation: EDA (document *.ppt, added 23 June 2009)

PowerPoint Presentation: CHEAr (document *.ppt, added 23 June 2009)

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PowerPoint Presentation: ICAF I. (document *.ppt, added 23 June 2009)

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