MNF-I - Multi-National Force Iraq

While NATO did not have a direct role in the international stabilisation force that has been in Iraq since May 2003, the Alliance is helping Iraq provide for its own security by training Iraqi military personnel, supporting the development of the country’s security institutions, and coordinating the delivery of equipment. (Source:

NATO Training Mission - Iraq

Badge of the Czech Contingent in Iraq

Badge of the MNF-I

Based on the decision of the Czech Government and approval of both chambers of the Czech Parliament, the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic rotated their contingents in Iraq in 2008 of size not exceeding 100 personnel.

Map of Iraq

Number of Czech military personnel on the operation:

  • 17 (to 20 December 2008)

5th Contingent of ACR Commander:

  • Major František Grmela


Two teams of Czech instructors trained and assisted soldiers of the Iraqi military in maintenance and service of Iraqi T-72 tanks and BVP-1 infantry fighting vehicles at the Armor School at American-Iraqi base at Al Tájí north of Baghdad, and three Czech soldiers served at the NATO Training Mission Headquarters in Bagdad.




Previous contingent:

Updated: December 29, 2008