ISAF Operation4th Contingent of ACR - Field Hospital and Chemical Detachment

Kabul International Airport

Based on a request by the Allied Command Operations - SHAPE to deploy a field medical facility and the Czech government's decision, the Czech military increased its contribution to ISAF operation in Afghanistan by the field hospital, chemical detachment and a squad of military policemen. The deployment commenced in March 2007 and is being prolonged according to governmental decisions. The Contingent is located at the Kabul International Airport - KAIA.


The rotation of the 4th Contingent was commenced on 1st April 2008 by departure of commander Colonel Mrva with the first part of the Contingent to Kabul. The rotation of the 3rd/4th Contingents was accomplished by 16th April 2008.

Commander of the 4th Contingent of ACR:

Colonel MUDr. Mojmír Mrva

The Contingent included the following personnel:

  • Field Hospital Personnel: 81
  • Chemical Detachment Personnel: 8
  • Operational, Monitoring and Liaison Team: 8
  • Meteo Service Personnel: 4
  • Air Traffic Personnel: 2
  • Military Police Personnel: 3

The 4th Contingent was formed by 104 Czech soldiers and seven soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.

The Contingent was formed by 82 men and 29 women. The most senior participant was a 54-year-old internist and the youngest professional was a laboratory worker, who reached his 22 years when his mission in Kabul was over. The contingent was deployed for less than six months.

Major tasks of the Contingent:

  • Providing medical service to ISAF personnel;
  • Transiting patients and preservation of their conditions prior to strategic evacuation;
  • Forming of mobile teams in case of mass casualties to operate as far as 10 kilometres around the Kabul airport;
  • Conducting preventive medical and veterinary care within the area of responsibility;
  • Cooperating in education of medical personnel of the Afghan National Army and security forces.


The record of previous service of Czech medical personnel abroad includes:

1999 - Albania, AFOR - "Allied Harbour", field hospital on NATO operation

1999 - Turkey (earthquake)

2002 - 2003 - Afghanistan, "ISAF", field hospital

2003 - Kuwait, "Enduring Freedom", field hospital

2003 - Iraq, "Iraqi Freedom", field hospital

2004 - 2005 Iraq, "Iraqi Freedom", surgical teams serving with a British field hospital

2005 - 2006 - Pakistan, "Winter Race", field hospital on NATO operation (earthquake)

Chemical Detachment

The detachment is a support unit attached to the ISAF Headquarters in Kabul. Its major tasks include evaluation of radiation, chemical and biological situation in the area of responsibility, and identification of toxic and radioactive agents. The unit personnel are prepared to take samples for immediate analysis and advise the HQ accordingly.

Commander of the Chemical Detachment: Major David Martínek

December 2008