4th ACR Contingent in MNF-I - Multi-National Force Iraq

Coalition Operation of Multi-National Forces in Iraq

Badge of the Czech Contingent in Iraq

Based on the decision of the Czech Government and approval of both chambers of the Czech Parliament, the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic rotated their contingents in Iraq in 2008 of size not exceeding 100 personnel.

Map of Iraq

Number of Czech military personnel on the operation:

  • 65 (to 5 June 2008)

4th Contingent of ACR Commander:

  • Major Jiří Hrazdil


The majority of soldiers defended and protected the base of the multi-national force close to the City of Basra and performed police tasks out of the base.

Three soldiers of the Contingent were serving at the International Command of the NATO Training Mission in Iraq in Baghdad, and two soldiers were based in Kuwait performing tasks of the Czech National Support Element.

Updated: August 11, 2008