12th ACR Contingent in KFOR

Kosovo Force Badge

The personnel of the Contingent in size of 430 assumed the area of responsibility in Kosovo on 18 January 2008. The core of the Contingent was formed by the 72nd Mechanised Battalion based at Praslavice, which is the unit of the 7th Mechanised Brigade based at Hranice, Czech Republic. The Contingent includes also personnel from other units and installations of the Czech military in order to meet required specialisation. The personnel of the 12th Contingent served on the peacekeeping operation in Kosovo for six months that was till July 2008.

The ACR presence abroad in 2008 is based on a decision of the Czech government who passed resolution No. 1179 on 22 October 2007 approving Czech military deployments.

Number of Czech Military Personnel on the Operation:

  • 515 (including the reserve company) (to 5 June 2008)

Contingent Commander:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Jiri David

  • The units of the Multinational Task Force CENTRE (MNTF-C) are formed by soldiers of the Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Sweden.

Current placement of all KFOR units:

Source: www.nato.int/kfor/

Placement of KFOR units

August 11, 2008