Logistics Agency


The Logistics Agency is the expert authority subordinated to Director of the Division of Support. It is responsible for a comprehensive logistic support of ministerial events and military missions and operations on the Czech territory and abroad. The Agency supports allied armed forces on the territory of the Czech Republic in accordance with the NATO Host National Support programme.

The Agency provides management, planning, and coordination of military transports and movements of Czech and allied forces on the Czech territory. In relation to NATO, it is the National Transport Coordination Centre.

Brigadier General Jaroslav Trakal


VU 5512
Boleslavska 929
CZ 250 02 Brandys nad Labem - Stara Boleslav


  • Brigadier General Jaroslav Trakal

Deputy Director:

  • Colonel Zdenek Kolomy

Deputy Director for Professional Activities:

  • Colonel Daniel Zlatnik

Chief Sergeant:

Senior Warrant Officer Miroslav Mateka


Contacts to the Directorate of the Logistics Agency:
Phone: +420 973 230 222
www: Logistics Agency (www.alog.army.cz)
e-mail: osobni-stab@seznam.cz


  • Directorate of the Logistics Agency
  • Material Centre in Stepanov
  • Supply Centre in Brno
  • Ammunition Centre in Tyniste nad Orlici
  • Maintenance Centre in Lazne Bohdanec
  • Foreign Operations Support Centre in Pardubice
  • Regional M&T Bureau in Olomouc
  • Regional M&T Bureau in Hradec Kralove
  • Support Centre in Stara Boleslav

Contact person: Captain Petr Kostelka
Phones: +420 973 230 223, +420 724 605 447

August 26, 2018