Sir Nicholas Winton in the Czech Republic

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

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At the end of June 2008, Sir Nicholas Winton visited the Czech Republic and met with Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek and Defence Minister Vlasta Parkanova. At the same time he visited the Observatory and Planetarium in Ceské Budejovice and Klet, whose astronomers named one of an asteroid, discovered by them, as Winton. He also travelled to Kunzak at Jindrichuv Hradec county to visit the elementary school named after him - Elementary School of Sir Nicholas Winton. Ninetynine-year-old Winton enjoyed the presence of children.

Children have asked Sir Winton whether their school could be named after him during his last visit to the Czech Republic on 7 October 2007. The school at Kunzak has been bearing Sir Winton´s name since 1 January 2008. At that time he received from Mrs Parkanova the Cross of Merit of the Minister of Defence, Grade I.

Sir with Topolanek and Parkanova 1 Sir with Topolanek and Parkanova 2 Sir with Topolanek and Parkanova 3

With children at Kunzak school 1 With children at Kunzak school 2 With children at Kunžak school 3 With children at Kunzak school 4

At the Planetarium 1 At the Planetarium 2 At the Planetarium 3

The Czech Republic made a proposal to award Sir Nicholas Winton the Nobel Prize for Peace for 2008.

Posted: July 2, 2008