4th ACR Guard Company BAF

The 4th ACR Guard Company BAF (BAF – Bagram Air Field), ACR Task Force on the allied Resolute Support Mission, served in the Afghan Province of Parwan for six months - from April to October 2015.

The unit operationally reported to the American battalion Task Force TF 1-320 which is in charge of the base protection. The area of responsibility of TF 1-320 is named the Bagram Security Zone, and is spread mainly through Bagram district, then Charikar district (westward), Kohistan district (northward), and Qarah Bagh district (southward).

The 4th BAF served in the northern part of the TF 1-320 area of responsibility.

The 4th BAF comprised in total 150 Czech soldiers. The core of the unit was formed by personnel of the 42nd Mechanised Battalion based at Tabor. They were complemented by specialists from other Czech military units.


Captain Marek Jerabek 

Commander of the 4th ACR Guard Company BAF:

  • Captain Marek Jerabek

The company's commander assumed his operational task on 5 April 2015.

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