France and Czech Republic boost prior to EU Presidency

Chiefs of communications departments of French and Czech defence ministries exchanged in Prague their views to the current state of communication with the public and actions they´ll take for time of Presidency to Council of the European Union.

Bilateral Talks

The French party was represented by Laurent Teisseire, Director of the Communication and Information Division at the Ministry of Defence of France, Colonel Philippe Ponties, Director of the Strategy Department, and Lieutenant Mathieu Feix, Director of the Office. Defence Attache of France to the Czech Republic Colonel Jacques Talarmin was also present.

Director of the Communication Strategies Department of the Czech Ministry of Defence Andrej Čírtek opened talks of delegations on Friday 30 May 2008 with presentation of structure and tasks of his Department.

From left: Laurent Teisseire and Andrej Čírtek Philippe Ponties and Andrej Čírtek Bilateral Talks at the Czech MoD 1

His French counterpart Laurent Teisseire said that structures of both communication bodies were similar and also the tasks did not differ much. The French Defence Ministry holds press briefings for journalists dealing with the defence sector regularly once a week. During EU Presidency, the French government will operate a web site dedicated to the Presidency, to which the French Ministry of Defence will contribute with releases and information.

French defence priorities for EU Presidency will include development of EU military operational capabilities, role of the European Defence Agency and success in foreign missions.

Both directors exchanged views on planned informal meetings of EU Defence Ministers, which are a focus event in relation to the European defence. Czechs will organise the ministerial informal meeting at Olomouc in March 2009. These meetings are a real challenge and good advance planning is essential.

Bilateral Talks at the Czech MoD 2 Bilateral Talks at the Czech MoD 3 Bilateral Talks at the Czech MoD 4

France will start its EU Presidency on 1 July 2008 and the Czech Republic will take it over on 1 January 2009 for another half a year. 


Photo: Miroslav Šindelář

Posted: June 2, 2008