Czech KFOR Reserve Company Activated

Based on a request by General Gerard Hegarty, KFOR Multinational Task Force Centre Commander, a Czech reserve company, which is on stand-by in the Czech Republic, was activated on Tuesday 13 May 2008.

Kosovo Force Badge

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 May, a Company size unit of 116 men, from the 71st Mechanized Battalion, Hranice, will move from the military airfield Přerov, Czech Republic, to Kosovo to reinforce the elements of the Multinational Task Force Centre.

The unit commander is Captain Ivo Dvořák. The Company is an operational reserve for the Commander MNTF (C). The unit is trained and prepared in the Czech Republic but moves only when activated.

The Company is prepared to accomplish operational tasks in Kosovo within five days of activation and can be used in various crisis situation, e.g. to man checkpoints, to protect important facilities or for a crowd control.

The unit has all the necessary materiel and equipment deployed and depot in Kosovo, and in the event of a crisis situation the troops will be transported to Kosovo. The Czech Army announced the formation of the Reserve Company for MNTF (C) beginning 1 March 2006.

Arrival in Kosovo 1 Arrival in Kosovo 2 Arrival in Kosovo 3 Arrival in Kosovo 4

The Reserve Company members saw their first action in Kosovo in April 2006. Their last engagement they experienced early this year, it was in February and March when Kosovo declared its independence.

Posted: May 15, 2008

Updated: May 19, 2008