The Czech Republic responded to a Dutch request made to allies to help increase size of soldiers protecting Provincial Reconstruction Teams in Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan.

Uruzgan Province

Czech Contingent in Uruzgan, ISAF, Afghanistan

The governmental proposal to deploy soldiers in the Regional Command-South of ISAF mission was passed by both chambers of the Czech Parliament for 2008 and for the first two months of 2009 by the Czech Government.

The primary task of the Contingent was to protect a perimeter of the Dutch Camp Hadrian - Forward Operating Base Hadrian - close to the town of Deh Rawod in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan. Members of the Czech Contingent were located at the base together with up to 200 Dutch servicemembers and soldiers of French Mountain Infantry who operated Provincial Reconstruction Team there.

2nd ACR Contingent in ISAF mission - Uruzgan Province


Captain Jiří Líbal


Size of the Contingent:

63 (as of 27 January 2009)

Czechs on NATO ISAF Mission in Afghan Province of Uruzgan


The Contingent served at the FOB Hadrian till March 2009, and then it was replaced by soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.


The core of the Contingent was made of personnel of the 42nd Mechanised Battalion (of the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade), which homebase is in Tábor, Czech Republic.


The Contingent in size of 63 personnel assumed operational task by the 16 January 2009.




Updated: April 21, 2009