History: Tank T-72

The medium T-72 tank is a battle tracked vehicle with high cross-country manoeuverability. It is designed to destroy tanks and other armoured targets or enemy troops. It is equipped with a 125 mm cannon with a smooth barrel having the range of fire of 4,500 meters. With the use of a 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun, it is possible to attack low-flying targets. A 7.62 mm machine gun is coaxial with the cannon. Systems capable of protecting the crew against the effects of mass destruction weapons are incorporated within the tank.

The T-72 tank was ugraded into T-72M4 CZ version in the Czech Republic in 2005.

Basic Technical Data

  • Combat weight: 41,000 kg
  • Crew: 3
  • Length with cannon to the front: 9,530 mm
  • Height with turret: 2,190 mm
  • Width: 3,460 mm
  • Maximum road speed: 60 km per hour
  • Maximum off-road speed: 35 to 45 km per hour
  • Fuel tanks capacity: 1,590 litres
  • Road operation range: 420 to 600 km

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