They contribute to understanding between nations and countries

Autor: Oldřich Holeček

Sixteen military and air attaches and defence attaches accredited to the Czech Republic accepted the invitation by Czech Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanova and gathered at the premises of the Czech Ministry of Defence on 22 April 2008.

Colonel and Minister

Minister Parkanova expressed her thanks to the military representatives of other countries saying that their activities contribute to understanding between nations and countries and help prevent misunderstandings.

Colonel Francisco Javier Blasco-Robledo, representative of Spain and doyen of the Association of Military and Air Attaches accredited in Prague, on behalf of all attaches thanked the Minister for her invitation and presented her a cup with Association logo.

Reception by Minister 1 Reception by Minister 2 Reception by Minister 3 Reception by Minister 4

Reception by Minister 5 Colonel Francisco Javier Blasco-Robledo and Vlasta Parkanova Reception by Minister 6

Defence Attache of Latvia Major Inese Kučere, who surprised the host with fluent Czech language, was the only woman among international representatives.

Reception by Minister 7 Reception by Minister 8 Reception by Minister 9 Reception by Minister 10

German Defence Attache Lieutenant Colonel Bruno Riediger mentioned that his office tunes last details of the upcoming visit of German Federal Minister of Defence to the Czech Republic.

Austrian Defence Attache Brigadier General Roman Fisher arrived to the reception, as the only one, from the Capital of his country, since his office is not based in Prague.

The reception was attended also by Deputies of Defence Minister František Padělek and Jaroslav Kopřiva, and Director of the Defence Policy and Strategy Divison of the Czech Ministry Ivan Dvořák.

Posted: April 22, 2008