The Czech Senate agrees to the dissolution of the Brdy Military Region, along with the downsizing of four other military regions

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

The House of Deputies, and the Senate of the Czech Parliament approved the dissolution bill for the Brdy Military Region, and the downsizing of the Libava, Boletice, Hradiste and Brezina Military Regions. The bill will come into effect on 1st January 2016, when it is agreed and signed by the President of the Czech Republic.

“Presently, the five Military Regions correspond to the size of the Czech military shortly after the partition of Czechoslovakia in January 1993. Then, we had 120,000 soldiers, whereas today the figure is 20,000. We just don’t need such a large area for training anymore,“ said Chief of the General Staff General Petr Pavel addressing the Senate during the discussion of the governmental draft bill.

Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky supports the dissolution of the Brdy Military Region, and the downsizing of the other regions as a means of removing an anachronism. “With this draft bill we restore civilian rights to the people who live in these regions. Having no civilian community, they cannot vote, pass laws, or buy or own property in their own homeland.“

The decision to abandon one of the five military regions resulted from a thorough analysis by the General Staff who evaluated the military and economic reasons, and the consequences, of the breakup.

From the present total military territory of 129,664 hectares (320 thousand acres), more than 42,000 hectares (104 thousand acres) will be incorporated into civilian territorial administration, large areas will be transformed to a Protected Landscape Area, and six new villages will also be created.

January 20, 2015