ISAF PRT Feyzabad - Badakshan

ISAF - NATO Operation in Afghanistan

Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan

Provincial Reconstruction Team

The NATO Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) extend their operation in ISAF mission beyond limits of the Afghan Capital City of Kabul to its immediate surroundings. This extension was enabled by the UN Security Council resolution No. 1510/2003 of the 13 October 2003.

The PRTs serve on the basis of the civil-military partnership.

The Czech personnel participated in the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Badakshan province from March 2005 to November 2007.

Their task was to support security in the area, to protect international units, and to cooperate with local people in reconstruction of their homeland. Czech scouts were assigned to the team of about 200 soldiers of PRT together with Danes and soldiers of the German Bundeswehr.

Each Czech contingent served in Afghan city of Feyzabad in northeastern part of the country for six months.

Map of Afghanistan

Total number of Czech military personnel in PRT Badakshan in six contingents:

  • almost 600   (to November 2007)

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