The Czech Armed Forces Today magazine - a Time for Reflection

In accordance with the newly adopted editorial, publishing and production scheme of the Ministry of Defence for 2008, the last issue of the Czech-English, Czech Armed Forces Today quarterly was published on 27th December 2007.

The Last Print

This magazine - originally called Armáda České republiky - has been published on a regularly basis from 1995 (with a preproduction issue in November 1994) in two language versions - Czech and English, as the magazine of the Army of the Czech Republic. In 1997 the magazine was renamed to the Czech Army Today, which began to be published quarterly, and in 2000 its name changed again to the Czech Armed Forces Today.

Looking back on the non-recurring thirteen years in the lives of our small editorial staff, we have to admit that it has been a wonderful experience. We have witnessed a number of historical milestones in the existence of our military as well as the Czech Republic as such, it having been the NATO summit in Washington or other high profile meetings of NATO and the EU. We have paid a visit to our military personnel serving on foreign operations, we have seen a number of military exercises.

Our magazine has given its readers the opportunity to learn about the points of view of many Czech and foreign military or civilian high ranking officials. They have included such personalities as the former and current NATO Secretary General George Robertson and Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, respectively, the former Czech president Václav Havel as well as his successor Václav Klaus, Czech ministers of defence, Czech ambassadors to NATO and, naturally, chiefs of staff of the Czech Armed Forces, their deputies, commanders of combat units and many other defence department employees.

As a close, on behalf of our whole staff, allow me to express my gratitude for your interest and appreciation and for your assistance in the production of our magazine reports and articles. For 2008 and the years to come, I wish you good health and prosperity in your work and your life.


Jan Procházka, Editor-in-Chief

In Prague, December 27, 2007