Exercise AMSE14 Set to Start

Just after 5 pm of 4 September, four United States Army AH-64 Apache combat helicopters touched down at Namest Air Base. A US Army convoy of 18 HUMVEEs and other light infantry vehicles arrived at about the same time as planned. The contingent started in the US Army Storck Barracks at Illesheim, Germany, and was accompanied by Czech military police.

“The second day of the AMSE14 marked the arrival of the largest number of exercise participants,” says Lieutenant Zuzana Dufková, Deputy Chief of Staff of the exercise. “The US contingent also includes Forward Air Controllers – or Joint Terminal Attack Controllers in the US jargon – and technicians – in total some 120 men and women. We also received exercise participants from Estonia, Germany and the United Kingdom during the day, which kept us busy until early in the evening.”

On Friday morning, 5 September, international units then began to move into their exercise facilities which were handed over by a Czech logistics team. "Currently, we have registered over 200 international exercise participants and we are on schedule,” says Lieutenant Colonel Michal Vecheta, the logistics support manager for AMSE14. “While most of the other participating nations co-use existing air base infrastructure, we’ve set up a “tent city” for the US contingent. This modular tent and container compound that we call Mobile Operations Centre or MOC is ideally located close to where the Apaches are parked.”

International participants still have the rest of Friday afternoon and the weekend to familiarize themselves both with Namest Air Base and the training areas at Boletice and Libavá.

"On Saturday, we will have our Mass Brief where all exercise participants will receive necessary information,” says the Exercise Director, Colonel Miroslav Svoboda. “Then we are all set to start AMSE14 on Monday.”

Author: Maj. Magdalena Dvorakova, JMIC AMSE 14

Photo: Cpt. Jana Skrivankova, JMIC AMSE 14

September 5, 2014