Arms Control Agency

Czech Arms Control Agency

The Arms Control Agency is a body of the Ministry of Defence with a nation-wide competence pertaining to commitments and rights the Czech Republic assumed by its accession to international arms control treaties, and for implementation of decisions made by international organisations in security and mutual confidence-building issues.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, this agency implements the nation's military and security policy and obligations stemming from NATO membership.

Major Tasks of the Agency:

  • assess and verify information pertaining to the armed forces of other parties to international treaties, agreements or acts;
  • submit pre-defined information on the Czech Armed Forces and military equipment to other parties to international arms control treaties, international bodies, and to parties to international security agreements;
  • receive inspection teams of other parties to arms control and security treaties on the territory of the Czech Republic and accompany them during inspections at military units and installations of the Czech military, inspections of other selected areas, and during observation flights;
  • carry out inspections abroad to verify commitments made by other parties to international treaties in the field of arms control and international security;
  • execute state administration according to Law No. 229/2013 on security material, Law No. 305/1999 on anti-personnel mines, and Law No. 213/2011 on ban of cluster munition.


Mailing Address:

Arms Control Agency of MoD
Vitezne namesti 1500/5
CZ 160 01 Prague 6 - Dejvice
Czech Republic

Director of ACA:

Colonel Josef Prerovsky

Phone: +420 973 214 390
Phone of his Secretary: +420 973 214 389
Fax: +420 973 214 400, +420 224 323 130

Contact person: COL Josef Prerovsky, Phone: +420 973 214 390
September 18, 2018