The recruitment for the Czech military is provided by the Regional Military Headquarters and is supervised by newly formed Human Resources Management Department within the State Secretary Division.

Until the end of January 2006, the Agency for Recruitment and Professional Service in the Armed Forces was in charge of recruiting and personnel issues in the Czech Republic, along with the build-up of military units composed only of professional career soldiers and civilians. Previously, the Agency had Recruitment Centres in each of the 13 regions plus the Capital City of Prague to help those Czech citizens who were interested in joining the military to become professional soldiers.

Since the Agency for Recruitment and Professional Service in the Armed Forces accomplished its assigned task of transforming the Czech military into a fully professional organisation, as of 1st Februay 2006, the Agency has been downsized to a department level entity (called 'Recruitment') to be directly subordinated to the Personnel Support Directorate, which has been from 1 May 2013 further changed into two organisational units: the Agency for Planning and Development of Human Resources (within ministerial organisation), and the Agency for Personnel of ACR (within the General Staff organisation). As of July 2014, the personnel issues are in charge of the State Secretary Division of MoD and the Personnel Agency of ACR, withing the General Staff structure.

At present, the Regional Military Headquarters are responsible for direct contact with new personnel - military students, career soldiers and voluntary reserve force (= Active Reserve) within their respective regions of the Czech Republic.

Due to downsizing of the personnel and reorganisation within units, the recruitment for the Czech military was suspended from 2009 to 2011. As of October 2011, 157 new recruits have started their military career with basic training at the Vyskov Military Academy. Since than, the recruitment has normally continued.

September 8, 2018