Immovable Property Management Agency

The Immovable Property Management Agency is responsible for management of state-owned immovable and related movable assets, the Ministry of Defence is authorised to administer.

Within the framework of defence immovable infrastructure management, the Agency provides management of the defence property in accordance with respective legislation and laws.

Immovable Property Management Agency

The Agency is responsible for operation of buildings, constructions and technical facilities, procurement of energy, other media and services in favour of the immovable infrastructure. It provides safeguarding of redundant immovable property, protection of areas of defence department, environmental protection, waste disposal, care for cultural historic preservation buildings, taking over construction works and capital construction projects, including those funded through NATO grants.

The Agency is also responsible for planning of public tenders related to immovable property and infrastructure, including their implementation.

The Agency is headed by director who reports to Deputy Minister – Head of the Property Division.


Ministry of Defence
Immovable Property Management Agency
Hradebni 772/12
P.O. BOX 45
CZ 110 05 Prague 1


Jan Novak
Phone: +420 973 206 321


Dagmar Knapova
Phone: +420 973 206 218
Fax: +420 973 206 317

Petra Dvorakova
Phone: +420 973 206 310



  • Directorate of the Agency
  • Department of Immovable Infrastructure Operation
  • Department of Immovable Property Administration
  • Department of Construction Management
  • Financial Department
  • Logistics and Support Department

Contact person: Karel Justa, phone: +420 973 206 204

September 9, 2018