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Legal Division

The Legal Division is the supreme body for legislative and legal support to the Ministry of Defence.

The Division provides legal support to minister and his deputies, develops legal and internal directives, and proposes new defence legislature. It is an expert body of minister for preparation and assessing Parliamentary and governmental materials.

It cooperates with legislative bodies of both chambers of the Czech Parliament, Czech government and other administration bodies. It protects legal interests not only of the ministry, as an organisational unit of the state, but also of ministerial organisational units, military units, military installations, military administrative offices and service bodies, and also protects legal interests of heads of organisational units of the defence department and represents them in courts of all levels, unless stated otherwise.

Head of the Division:

  • JUDr. Alena Netolicka

Phone: +420 973 200 101


Miroslava Dusova

  • E-mail: dusovam@army.cz
  • E-mail: legislativa.mo@army.cz
  • Phone: +420 973 200 102
  • Fax: +420 973 200 072

Seat and Address:

Directorate of the SPrav MO
Tychonova 221/1
CZ 160 00 Prague 6


  • Legislative and Analytic Department
  • Legal Representation Department
  • Collecting Debts Department
  • War Veterans Department

November 29, 2017