Defence Policy and Strategy Division

Head of the Division:

The Defence Policy and Strategy Division of MoD is responsible for the development of defence and security principles to be applied by the Czech Republic, for development of the military strategy of this country, and for coordination of defence planning both within defence department and at the interdepartmental level. It formulates principles and procedures of crisis management and is in charge of implementing the country’s defence and security interests within NATO, EU and other international security organisations.

In addition, it is responsible for coordination of the Czech Republic’s share in activities of the NATO Nuclear Planning Group, and for legal support of the Ministry of Defence in international cooperation and foreign relations.

The Division promotes and oversees the interests of this country at management bodies of international organisations, of which the Czech Republic is a member; further develops positions of the Ministry of Defence, which are presented at sessions of the Security Council of the State, and supervises coordination with bodies of other ministries and authorities of the Czech government.

Foreign assignments in Brussels and Vienna are parts of the Division.


Postal Address:

Ministry of Defence
Tychonova 221/1
CZ 160 00 Prague 6
Czech Republic


Phone: +420 973 200 040
Fax: +420 973 200 602

September 8, 2018