Public Relations Section

The Public Relations Section is responsible for planning of communication activities and coordination of MoD communication with the public.

The Section manages significant communication projects of the Ministry of Defence at the public in which it cooperates with external organisations, institutions and target groups of the public.

In support of the communication, it issues both printed and multimedial products.

For journalists and humanitarian personnel, the Section organises the course aimed at survival in crises situations. It is a point of a methodical support for press and information officers, and spokespersons within the Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

The Section deals with inter-departmental communication, manages activites in the sphere of audiovisual and film production designed for internet servers, and administers a photo and video library.

Michal Abrham

Chief of the Section:

Michal Abrham

Phone: +420 973 200 207, +420 602 157 317


September 1, 2018