Military Schools

Military Education

The military education system of the Czech Republic is comprised of the Military Secondary School and College of MoD in Moravska Trebova, the University of Defence in Brno, part of which is the Language Centre, the independent Agency for Professional Development and Support of Activities, a military sports chair at the Charles University in Prague and the Training Command - Military Academy in Vyskov.

While the Secondary School and College are open to Czech students only, the University of Defence offers not only full-time educational programmes but also a wide variety of courses for Czech or international military or civilian students who would like to upgrade their knowledge in defence-related issues and areas of interest.

The Language Centre (LC) in Brno offers intensive, combined, refresher, and terminology courses of English and combined courses of French, German, Russian, Arabic, and Czech. The LC is also responsible for coordinating and conducting testing in accordance with NATO STANAG 6001 in the Czech military.

The Military Department at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at the Charles University in Prague provides training and examinations to earn a degree by members of the ACR.

September 8, 2018