Management of Organisations Department

The Department for Management of Organisations is the organisational unit of Ministry of Defence managing operations connected with the founding and establishing functions of state enterprises and state contributory organisations.

The Department is responsible for realisation of procedure advancement provisioning of grants to state contributory organisations in a framework of financing programmes.

It procures the functioning connected with preparation and fulfilment of the programme of reproduction of assets for state contributory organisations. It is a provider of grants for corporate bodies and natural persons administering in forests and estates important for the state defence. The Department metodically coordinates the realisation of projects co-financed by EU funds under the terms of Ministry of Defence.

The Department is led by a director who reports to Deputy Defence Minister.


Marta Kopecka

Phone: +420 973 201 800
Mobile: +420 724 480 825

Danuse Neuzilova
Phone: +420 973 201 801


Ministry of Defence
Management of Organisations Department
Tychonova 221/1
CZ 160 01 Prague 6
Czech Republic


Contact person: Danuse Neuzilova, phone: +420 973 201 801

September 9, 2018