Military Sports Centre Dukla

After more than 22 years of independent Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, the Dukla Army Sports Centre has changed from a military sports unit to the professional European sporting military club, whose best sportsmen-medailists are professional soldiers.

Dukla Sports

The Army's top-performance sport activities are supported by the state within the defence-department's sports representation. Its major task is to create conditions for sports training for those men and women who are capable of participating in high-profile European and world contests – Olympic Games, world championships, European championships and other significant sports competitions and events.


Postal Address:

Dukla Army Sports Centre
Pod Juliskou 1
P.O.Box 59
CZ 160 41 Prague 6 – Dejvice

65 years of Dukla


Colonel Jaroslav Priscak, Ph.D.
Phone: +420 973 203 801, +420 973 203 811
Fax: +420 224 310 910
Mobile: +420 724 216 421

State Contributory organisations:

CISM logo

CISM Office – Foreign Sports Group

Postal Address: as above
Phone: +420 224 310 913
Fax: +420 224 310 939

Chief Officer:

LtCol. Imrich Bugar, Ret.
Phone: +420 973 203 808

What is CISM?

It is a French acronym standing for the Conseil International du Sport Militaire or the International Council for Military Sports, which is the third world largest multi-sports organisation. It was founded in Cannes, France, by military representatives of Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands in 1948. The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic have been a full-fledged CISM member since 1991. “Friendship through Sport” is the leading idea of the CISM.

The permanent seat of the General Secretariat is in Brussels, Belgium, at the address of:


There are the following Dukla Military Sports Groups (MSG) in the Czech Republic:

  • Dukla Athletics MSG in Prague
  • Dukla Cycling MSG in Brno
  • Dukla Cycling MSG in Prague
  • Dukla Canoeing MSG in Prague
  • Dukla Rowing MSG in Prague
  • Dukla Water Slalom MSG at Brandys nad Labem
  • Dukla Parachuting MSG at Prostejov
  • Dukla Modern Pentathlon MSG in Prague
  • Dukla Sports Shooting MSG at Hradec Kralove
  • Dukla Army Sports Seat at Liberec
    • Dukla Skiing MSG at Liberec
  • Dukla Army Sports Seat at Pilsen
    • Dukla Sports Shooting MSG at Pilsen

Communication Manager: Mgr. Ivana Rohackova
Phone: +420 973 203 840
Mobile: +420 724 520 524

September 10, 2018