Living Memory

The documentary brings a life memory of military history of this country in a way it is presented by military museums. The goal of the document is to show the three largest Czech military museums – Army Museum at Prague-Zizkov, Air Museum at Prague-Kbely and the Military Technical Museum at Lesany to the general public, and first of all, to present the best and the most interesting collection items.
The documentary was made in 2007. A-News, s.r.o. and the Czech Television © 2008. 47 minutes.

Released by: A-News company © 2008
Author: Marek Vitek
Camera by: Petr Orazovic
Cutting by: Barbora Listkova, Pavel Jirasek
For edited by: Frantisek Bobisud; MoD CR, 2010

Living Memory
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