601. - Special Forces

The film documentary with a subtitle the Special Forces presents the 601st Special Forces Group of General Moravec. The uniqueness of this documentary lies in the fact that this special military element has never before been presented in a broader way. The film enables spectators to see a tough and demanding training of soldiers of this special unit, also part of their equipment is shown, and commanders and soldiers speak about tasks of special forces and about seriousness of the service. Authentic footage from deployment to Afghanistan, taken by soldiers of the unit, are used in the documentary.
“Dedicated to All Extraordinary Men and Women of the 601st Special Forces Group.“
The documentary was made in 2007 and a year later it won the 1st prize at the International Festival of Military Films Esertiti e Popoli held in Rome. 25 minutes.

Released by: Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic © 2007
Author: Czech Television and A – NEWS, s.r.o. company, 2007
Theme: Marek Vítek
Expert Advisor: Juraj Galovec
Director, Script and Editor: Radan Sprongl
Production: Jakub Liska
Graphics: Michal Plicka
Camera: Pavel Hlavaty
Assistant Director: Radim Letovsky
Made in cooperation with the Communication Strategies Department of Czech MoD
For www.army.cz edited by: Frantisek Bobisud; MoD CR, 2010

601. - Special Forces
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