Winter Survival 2015

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

A four-day military multi-event competition, Winter Survival 2015, held last week at the Hruby Jesenik Mountains, tested the physical abilities and decision-making skills of 14 Czech and three international three-member teams in overcoming track obstacles, testing survival skills, and typical military expertise such as firing arms or grenade launching.

Winter Survival 2015
The International Championship of the Czech Armed Forces winter natural multi-event race was organised as a long-distance tour of military patrols. The scenario, prepared by trainers from the University of Defence, included marches of up to thirty-kilometres, military climbing exercises, live-fire from small arms, two overnight stays in freezing conditions in the mountains, fire making from tinder, a river crossing, medical first aid, with transport of a “wounded” member of the team, hand grenades throwing skills, and other events.

The cold weather and difficult forest terrain created extreme conditions for both the participants and referees of the competition, with only two teams abandoning the event for health reasons.

“One has to overcome extremely demanding obstacles, and display, in tough mountainous conditions, not only physical stamina, but also mental endurance and skills gained from specialised military training,” said Chief of the General Staff General Petr Pavel at the final ceremony, following the announcement of the winners.

The 7th Mechanised Brigade team won first place, with second place going to the team from the Ammunition Centre at Tyniste and Orlici, and the “bronze” medal to the 14th Logistic Support Regiment team based at Pardubice. All three participating foreign teams from Germany, Poland and Slovakia also completed the competition.

February 4, 2015