Winners of the Winter Survival 2012 at the General Staff

Autor: Oldrich Holecek

The winning team of the 18th year of the Winter Survival was received at the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic in Prague where the highest military representatives and commanders mark its achievements.

There were 17 three-member teams from Belgium, the Czech Republic and Poland at the start of the International Championship of ACR in winter multi-discipline event - the Winter Survival 2012.

The scenario of the event included downhill and cross-country skiing, ice climbing, crossing of a river ravine and artificial obstacles, all with a 20-kg baggage of gear and equipment, rescue of a "wounded" member and first-aid, resting overnight in snow shelters, and lots of other disciplines.

Harsh winter conditions of deep snow and low temperatures tested physical conditions of teams and their sense for cooperation.

"I congratulate the champions who have overcome all difficulties of the winter competition by their extreme physical and mental engagement. I am proud of their performance and excellent representation of the Czech military," Deputy Chief of the General Staff Major General Petr Pavel said at the ceremony with champions. The winning team was formed by Captain Michal Pech, Chief Warrant Office Milan Menzel and Warrant Officer 2nd Class Miroslav Sroler from the Base of Ammunition at Tyniste nad Orlici, a unit of the Czech Support Forces.

The Silver medal got a team of the Military Police Prague and the Bronze got a team of the 73rd Tank Battalion based at Praslavice.

The four-day championship, organised by the University of Defence and the General Staff, was held at the Jeseniky Mountains in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic from 30 January to 2 February 2012. Only half of teams finished the demanding contest.

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Posted: February 26, 2012