Water obstacle course successfully completed

The one-day exercise ‘Water Crossing 2017’, held last week at Myslejovice water reservoir, was a demonstration of the skills of Czech military personnel in carrying out challenging tasks and negotiating obstacles in and around a river while operating their amphibious recovery and rescue vehicles.

Pandur’s river crossing without taking in any water
Pandur’s river crossing without taking in any water

"Each of the objectives of the exercise were successfully achieved, and I am proud that all of the participating engineers and medical rescue personnel successfully staged survival operations of potentially dangerous situations that can occur in and around the water," said Radoslav Marecek from the Training Command at Vyskov.

Pandur armoured carriers, BMP-2 fighting vehicles and armoured reconnaissance transporters were manovoured accross the water while amphibious vehicles were used to transport other infantry combat vehicles to the other side of the reservoir. Several vehicles used a temporary pontoon bridge, also known as a floating bridge, which could be erected during wartime and civil emergencies.

The scenario also included the recovery of sunken or grounded vehicles, and the rescue of "drowning" victims. "There were no mishaps with equipment, or errors on the part of the engineers or medics, which meant excellent coordination was achieved, primarily due to the high-quality, extensive and rigorous prior training," continued Marecek.

The exercise was organised by the Training Command at the Military Academy, Vyskov, and participants comprised engineering units and specialists from the Military Medical Agency and the Communication and Information Systems Agency. The exercise was also open to the media and the public.

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By Nuala Casey and Oldrich Holecek

June 2, 2017