Warrior of the Week is a Czech soldier

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

Czech air technician, WO1st Class Bohuslav H., serving with the Air Advisory Team's ground personnel in Kabul, in the ISAF operation, was awarded the prestigious title of Warrior of the Week for his outstanding work in repairing a combat helicopter which was, up until then, considered to be beyond repair.

Last week, Warrant Officer 1st Class Bohuslav H. repaired the Soviet-made combat helicopter, Mil-35, having to make do with parts of MiG-21 Soviet-made fighters he had found, forgotten and scattered around in the base hangar, because there were no original spare parts available in Afghanistan. He used his considerable skills, exerience and patience to render the helicopter operational.

"It required a vast amount of experience, and a deep knowledge of this type of helicopter, and Soviet air technology in general, to discover the specific technical problem, and then, with great skill, manually install the old spare parts into the grounded helicopter, which is now a welcome support for the Afghan Air Force. Therefore, I believe that Bohuslav H. justly deserves this nomination," said his commander, Captain Petr S.

Bohuslav H. thanked his Captain for the award, and jokingly offered to repair the U.S. Space Shuttle, if the Americans were interested, for which he received an amused and appreciative applause from his Czech and American colleagues.

The Czech Air Advisory Team forms part of the American 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, and their mission is to provide military guidance and conditions for a professional, fully independent and operationally capable Afghan Air Force, through training of Afghan pilots and ground personnel.

The award was granted by Brigadier General John E. Michel, Commander of the NATO Afghanistan Air Training Command, and the certificate, along with a medal, was presented by Colonel Gray, Deputy Commander of the 438AEW.

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July 23, 2014