Vehicles in water – Presentation Day training

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

A two-week water surface training and survival presentation using armoured and amphibious vehicles was opened last week at the Myslejovice military water training area.

Visitors, including Czech army family members, foreign military and guests, had a unique opportunity to witness a series of operations comprising vehicle floatation, deep fording (wading), escaping a stranded vehicle, rescuing a drowning victim, and other vessel salvage and refloating services of the Czech Armed Forces.

“Any types of surface waters, rivers, lakes, etc., are viewed by the army as a serious terrain obstacle, and units which are capable of overcoming these obstacles have a great tactical advantage,” Lieutenant Colonel Radoslav Marecek, Chief of the Transportation Training Centre at the Military Academy in Vyskov, explained at the beginning of the training presentation.

The following vehicles, both in their basic versions and with specific superstructures, aptly demonstrated their ability to conquer the currents:

Divers and water crossing army specialists not only displayed strong skills in crossing from one river bank to another, but also demonstrated substantial rescue and escape skills. In one simulated display, rescuers pulled a damaged tank in under five minutes, as well as rescuing a drowning man who fell into the river when exiting another vehicle in 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Similar training displays, which are held at Myslejovic twice a year, will take place employing the entire range of Czech military amphibious vehicles from now until 19th June.

June 8, 2015