US 2nd Cavalry Regiment troops will cross the Czech Republic for military exercises in Hungary

Autor: Nuala Casey, Oldrich Holecek

On 31 August, the Czech government agreed on the transit of troops and equipment of the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment from their base in Vilseck, Germany, through the Czech Republic to Hungary where they will participate in the NATO Brave Warrior 2015 exercise.

The transit, called ‘Danube Ride’, will be carried out in three phases between 9 and 14 September, with the first two transits focusing on route reconnaissance for the main convoy. The main convoy will then be split into several parts in order to minimise road traffic congestion on Czech motorways and highways.

US 2nd Cavalry Regiment

The convoys will have one stop in Vyskov where the soldiers will stay overnight at the Military Academy Training Command base.

“It is not just about another military transit across our territory. These transits form part of our commitments to the Alliance where we already enjoy a reputation as a reliable member and partner,” explained Minister of Defence Martin Stropnicky. “Each convoy will not spend more than 48 hours in our country. We already had 105 ground transits of foreign military in the first half of 2015.” Yet the ‘Danube Ride’ is ranked as one of the largest transits through the Republic.

Earlier in the year, there were 3,727 road and air transits across the Czech Republic, out of which there were 3,622 overflights, 18 road convoys and 87 transits of individual vehicles. In total there were 1,277 foreign soldiers transported.

“The technical and logistic support for the ‘Danube Ride’ convoy will be provided by the Czech Armed Forces and has been prepared. I believe there will be no problems on this occasion as was the case in recent transits,” said Lieutenant General Josef Becvar, Chief of the General Staff.

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August 31, 2015